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Zacky Email

Share my site at Thanks...

Scott Hibbs Email

Dody lived with my uncle Jack and Romey.  I didn't really spend much time with her but she was a very sweet woman.


Albert  Email

I wish I knew you back when you were younger, we would have made a wonderful couple:) I will always love you Dody with all my heart,rest in peace and I can't wait to see you above:)

Ben Email

Sad... just found out of her passing... RIP ...Vary funny lady...

James F. Harrington Email

When I was very young in the mid 60's a friend of mine and myself went into Boston to take photos. We were in the Boston Garden area when we came across this very attractive and friendly woman with a small child.

I asked her if she was Dody Goodman who was always on the Merv Griffin television show and she replied yes. I couldn't believe that she was just as friendly in person as she was on TV!

She said she was visiting some friends in Boston and was baby sitting their little boy.

At that time, the little boy had fallen into the frog pond! Thank God my friend Timmy Gigure quickly pulled the child out!

Jim Email

Dody was an exceptional character actress, any part she played, it was like she was the part. I will always remember her in Grease. Thank God for a actress like her.


I remembered Dody from seeing Grease as a kid. I thought she was so funny and cute. I saw Grease again today on DVD and was laughing anew from Dody's antics. My search for what other shows she's been in brought me to this site. I was sad to see that she has passed on but I wanted to express my appreciation for her sweetness and humor.

Carol & Kelly 

Dody, Although I only know of you via my conversations with Uncle Dick (kelly), my fiance was the nephew of Dick and had the honor of meeting you and watching Nicholas while you were away from home. I have the picture of you, Jerry, and Dick in our curio and see your three smiling faces sitting by the beach daily. I know you were there to welcome Uncle Dick along with Jerry, probably with a silly comment. You were such a treasured friend and I hope the three of you are having a grand time now that you are reunited.

Monica Email

Wow was watching Grease just the other day and my fiance asked who my fav character(actor) is and with no hesitation I said "Blanch". I cant believe your're gone. Would have loved to meet you.

South Africa

Darreyl Henderson 

i can't belive you are gone, i will always miss you and never forget you. You were one of the funniest people i have ever seen and all the great memories you have left with us will help us remeber you!
Love and Rest in Peace,

edward bliss Email

i loved your acting in grease movies.i liked the one liners and innuendos.the warmth between the faculty and students was great.take care and hang on to us fans as were still among you and have a great time in everything else youre doing.

Sonnetje Email

Heey, Sorry maar waar gaat deze site over? Echt niet over Grease hoor!!! Jullie kunnen mij lekker niet verstaan omdat ik uit holland kom lekker puhh... Veel succes met op proberen om dit te lezen. X-jes Sonnetje

tom Email

Oh how'd like to strangle the neck of all those web site owners who have music on thier site....; further Id like a slow painful death of those who have a website that has music and do not claim to be the guilty music party by showing a pause button. Here I am tryong to listin to somthing on my computer while surfing/ I search Jeff Conway and grease, I open about 15 pages and one of them is playing music.... I have no idea which one it is with out closing a bunch of windows. Finally IK find your site to be the guilty inconsiderste site thst ruinrd my surfing experience. Forgive me in advanced for my rage.... its just that if your going to run un asked for sound thru my computer at least put a pause button on your site so I know the guilty party. Does any one know a browser that can sniff out these burdensome sites?????

Joan Adams Email

It was an honor to be a part of our Dody's Memorial Celebration. I think that she would have been very pleased with the wonderful turn-out, and with the rememberances and songs. It was just the kind of evening she would have loved: filled with music, laughs, love, and her beloved Christian Science. Everyone brought something individual and special to the evening. Thank you for featuring the Memorial on the home page.

Patrick Shea Email

Dear Dody, You were one of a kind - a true American original. What joy you brought to so many for so long! Love, always, Patrick.

Mike Broad Email

I Love Dody's book "Women Women Women"! It's full of great humorous pictures of Dody portraying many kinds of women. Her webmaster, Glen, has put wonderful examples of pictures from Dody's book onto Dody's webpages. Everyone should buy her book, on Ebay or Abe Books etc. for such wonderful laughs Dody provides and she always has! Her book is a scream! Mike

Elizabeth Jenkins Email

I am just a fan- but want to tell Dody- thank you for coming to this earth and doing what you did so very well. Many Blessings to you-

Maggie Blaetz Email

We all will miss Dody very much. She was one great actress. I will never forget all the times she was on Johnny Carson. My father would always talk about her. If he couldn't get Dody on the phone he would call her niece and ask how she was doing. I talked to her about a year ago and it was so nice to her her voice. God Bless you Dody.

Keith Email

Dody will be sadly missed, she was one of those great actress` who I believed never got the full credit that she deserved and the same could be said for Jack Elam and Conway Twitty in the music business.. Love You Dody

Romey DeVictor Email

My great niece has just showed me this website. My partner, Jack Drudy, and I were longtime friends of Dody's. Our friendship started in Columbus, Ohio, and continued through Los Angeles. The three of us even lived together in Marina Del Rey and briefly in Culver City where I still reside. Jack has been gone 10 years now and I hope that he and Dody are making the Big Man laugh.

A longtime friend and fan,
Romey DeVictor
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